Are you sometimes just sick of the contamination and tired of the heavy traffic of Bogotá, the constant rain, the cold mountain air? Have you ever thought about transporting your childhood experiences of sitting by a warm crackling log fire after walking out in the cold weather with friends?

We know exactly how you feel, because that it where Meier-design all started off some years ago. Let us help you bring a little bit of this magic back to your life. Enjoy a cup of tea with your family, a good wine with your partner, a beer with colleagues or friends, watching the flickering flames while sharing your day. We can help you fix the mood. Contact us – we speak English, Spanish, French and German and will be happy to help you get some warmth into your life here.

Meier Design offers finely crafted fireplaces – both inserts to fit into existing open fireplaces and free standing models – to suit your interior design and help you create the experience you and your loved ones deserve. For a free consultation and review of our range please click on “Productos” and/or provide your contact details on “Contacto” or just go ahead right now and call me on my cell phone 317427991 – I would be delighted to understand how our range might help you complete your Colombian experience.

We also sell electric panels that radiate infrared radiation (don´t worry, it is the same radiation the sun warms us with!), if you don´t plan to stay longer in Bogotá and need a quick and easy to install solution.


Carrera 16 No. 93A-36 - Oficina 801

Telefónos: (57) 317 4279911 - 315 8871149

Bogotá, Colombia





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